Desktop JM-2000 Series

Developed on explicit request of different applications around the world, this jammer offers an effective blocking range that can reach 15 -30 radius, depending on environmental conditions. 


Installation >>

01. Take the Breaker out of the packing box.

02. Plug in the antenna according to the stickers.

03. Plug in the AC power adapter and then plug in DC jack to the Jammer.

04. When the LED is on, the Jammer is activated.



! Before turn on the power, please make sure all the antennas are correctly plug in and fixed well.

  • JM-2000LA

    Mobile Phone Immobilize System - 4 Bands

  • JM-2000MA

    Mobile Phone Immobilize System - 4 Bands

  • JM-2000MLE

    Mobile Phone & 4G 800 / 2600 Immobilize System - 5 Bands

  • JM-2000MW

    Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Immobilize System - 5 Bands

  • JM-2000UV

    Walkie-Talkie Immobilizing System - 4 Bands