*Frequency: 851/869 ~ 894 MHz925/936 ~ 965 MHz, 1800 ~ 1990 MHz2110 ~ 2170 MHz

*Cover interface standards: AMPS, N-AMPS, TACS. GSM, CDMA, TDMA, IDEN, UMTS


*Each RF module independent design

*Designed to cut off wave only in the down-link band width

RF output indicating of LED display

*VSWR sensor protection for each modular

*Output power: 8-10W per band

*RF power linear adjustment of each band

*HUBER & SUHNER 142 RF cable

*TNC antenna connecter

*Gain 8~12dBi Patch Antenna, EIRP can be reached 60~150W up

*Housing apply Hoffman POLYPRO case

*IR Remote Control (8-10M) (Option)

*External GP Omni antenna (Option)

*Built in patch antenna

*RS485 port support management solution of center control (Option)

*ID Group setting for management solution of center control (Option)


*Dimension: 307mm(L)×256mm(W)×162mm(H)