JM-2010VP Video

It is a high powered but pocket size video jammer that can disable sneaking shot all over the world. We design it with good shape, high quality, and good material. It is not only easy to carry out, also can be used secretly in pocket or bag, etc.

The effective range is up to 10 meters, which is ideal for hotel, public toilet, etc. or in the situation that you want to prevent. The built in Ni-MH battery can last 1.5 hours, and be rechargeable.


(A)TX frequency 895/900 ~ 1000 MHz

(B)TX frequency 1195/1200 ~ 1300 MHz

(C) TX frequency 2395/2400 ~ 2500MHz

      Output power(A) +25dBm / 300mW

      Output power(B) +25dBm / 300mW

      Output power(C) +25dBm / 300mW

Battery: Ni-MH battery DC12V / 1850mA/h

Continue using time: 90 minute

First time battery charge need 2 hours up

Dimension110mm (H) ×62mm (L) ×30mm (D) not include antenna


Jamming rangeRadius 8 ~ 10 M

Can OEM or ODM for specially request