JM-2030TM is designed for outdoor use to neutralizeIt effective blocking range is up to 50-60 meters. Designed to cut off wave only in the down-link band width, therefore it doesn’t affect any interference to base station and repeater. All device, and antenna built in good heating housing, it is simple to install, raining proof, and be camouflage. High concealed shape will not be easy to recognize the device. 


*TX frequency 850 ~ 2100 MHz

*Cover interface standards: AMPS,N-AMPS, NMT,TACS,GSM,CDMA,TDMA,IDEN,UMTS

*Total output powerEIRP 37W

*Patch Antenna - integrated of Gain 5 dBi of each band

*Jamming rangedistance 50-60 Mthe signal intensity must -80db in the location

*Automatic power switching power supply50/60Hz/AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 24V

*IR Remote Control

*IP65 Waterproof Housing Outdoor design

*Device Dimension38.5(L) ×33(W) ×16.5cm (H)

*Weight: 5kg

*Operating temperature : -10 ~ +60

*Storage Temperature : -30 ~ +70

*Humidity: 95% non-condensing

*Inner hand carry Box : 39.5 x 33 x 17cm

*Weight : 5.5kg