CPB-2000LAU is a middle RF power, accurate cellular jammers designed ro outdoor use.

Developed on explicit request of different military and governmental institutions around the world, this powerful jammer offers an effective blocking range that can reach hundreds of meters, depending on environmental conditions.

2000LAU is easy to carry out to neutralize all kind of cellular phone;s signal. also used famous of Pelican Cases to protect jammer from sands, water, all kinds of harm etc. and can be configured to fit any operational demand by installing additional connectors and different types of antennas, power input sources, etc.


Range 50 ~ 60 meter diameter
Frequency 851/869 ~ 894 MHz、925/936 ~ 965 MHz 1800 ~ 1990 MHz、2110 ~ 2170 MHz, 450 ~ 470MHz
Antenna *Panel Antenna-integrated
*External Omni GP antenna
Battery Lithium battery can support 1 hours operating
Output power *EIRP up to 39W per band. (GP antenna)
*EIRP up to 50W per band. (patch antenna)
Dimension 560x455 × 265mm(LxWxD)
Weight 26Kgs (System with Battery)
Input Voltage AC100V ~ 250V,50Hz ~ 60Hz
Support using while battery charging Yes
Warranty One year
Applications Anti-terror units
Bomb squads
VIP protection
Convoys protection
Military forces
SWAT teams
Police forces
Anti-drug units
Riot-control units