JM-3200-DRO is a Broadband DDS Jammer, developed to defend the drone and other Aerial camera devices. It uses DDS of fast programmable sweep technology for maximum performance, advanced DSP Micro– Controller together with a PLL synthesized, in order to ensure minimal Interference outside the desired band, high processing quality, and reliability. Jamming frequency covers 20MHz~500MHz (all kinds of RF remote controller), 1164~1300MHz, 1563~1615MHz (GPS L1 & L2), and Wifi2.4Ghz (for Wi-Fi camera, 5.8Ghz is optional). Unlimited for continuous operation, and remote control by laptop.



* Applied Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology

* TX frequency: 20~500 MHz, 50W~100W

                             1164~1300 MHz, 50W~100W

                             1563~1615 MHz, 50W~100W

                             2400~2500MHz, 50W~100W

                             5.8Ghz, 50W, optional

* Output power: 50~100W per band

* RF output power switch and digital indicate

* Omni antenna or Patch antenna optional

* External N female antenna connecter

* Software control, with lockout function via RS232 port

* VSWR over protection, temperature over protection, output failure alarming

* Working status display

* 28V/20A rechargeable Li battery optional

* Automatic power switching power supply:

50/60Hz/AC 100 ~ 240V

* Trolley pelican case design or vehicle mounted design optional

* Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ +60℃* Humidity: 5% ~ 99%

* One year warranty